The importance of choosing a Surf charter with experienced guides

Rifles is one of those breaks in The Mentawai islands that can be fickle and hard to get on when its really pumping but if your luck enough and catch it good the rewards can be phenomenal
Check out this old clip of perfect Rifles in the Playgrounds area of the Mentawai islands. Its not the best quality video but you can see just how perfect Rifles can get

Indonesia Surf

The country has 245 million and people! and the world’s 4th most populace country – It may well be the last great surfspot on earth. It is a land of so many cultures, animals, customs, artworks and the food is the best. If it like 100 countries moulded into one. If you are looking for a surf adventure then then a surf charter is the best way to go and get uncrowded waves.

Padang Surf Camp

Padang has many surf camps but the best way to see this is with a surf charter on a boat. Padang is one of the best sports and Bali but Lomboks’s fabled reefs and booming beach breaks are a great opetion too. The season is between April and October when swell swings around from the Roaring 40s and Howling 50s. But March south-west across the Indian Ocean and the trade winds blow from the south-east.

Introducing Bali

Bali may be small in size – you can drive around the entire coast in one long day – but its prominence as a destination is huge, and rightfully so. Ask travellers what Bali means to them and you’ll get as many answers as there are flowers on a frangipani tree. Virescent rice terraces, pulse-pounding surf, enchanting temple ceremonies, mesmerising dance performances and ribbons of beaches are just some of the images people cherish

Weather & when to go

Bali is located only 8 o (375km) south of the equator. Thus, Balinese weather is tropical to say the least – reliably hot and sunny. Days are almost always 12 hours long. Around sunrise, 6:20 a.m, locals can be seen on the beach blessing the new day, playing with their families in the surf or harnessing their nets for a day of fishing