mentawai perfection
Wazza, Tuck and crew
thanks for the best adventure of my life. Cant wait to do it again next year
Hey tuck, Wazza and crew
I yearn to come back and monitor your shake diet
I hope Tuck grows his hair long again
Green whistles. green tubes
thanks for a sick time
Thanks for and epic trip boys
Time of our lives with waves to match
Cheers to all the crew
Thanks Wazza, Tuck and crew
Awesome trip, good waves, food and good vibes. You guys are on to it!
Put us on the best waves with the devil winds
Saya suka susu besar
To all the crew of the indies explorer
What a trip definitel lived up your slogan!
you guys know how to do a boat charter!
When I come back to the Ments it’ll be with you lads
Cheers for a hell time
Luke D