July 19th – 30th 2015

The Boys

Tuck, Wazza and all the Indies crew
Thank you guys so much for your hospitality and hard work. The crew made our trip so awesome , the chef was a legend and everyone gave us a chance to enjoy and appreciate the Mentawai islands
While Huey didnt completely cooperate we escaped with minor reef cuts and tap ass (some of us)
But we still had an awesome adventure in an amazing part of the world

sashimi coming up

Indies crew
thanks heaps for the good times once again it was all time
Thanks to the crew who worked tirelessly around the clock.
Great waves and copious amounts of laughs
keep safe till next time 🙂

more fresh fish on the Indies Explorer

To the entire Indies crew
thanks for all of our hard work and excellent attitudes during our stay. everyone made us feel truly welcome and made every attempt to make our stay as comfortable as possible
even though the wave gods at times were sometimes not in our favour, the expertise of the guide ensured we had the best of the conditions available
Thanks again guys

Mast jump

To the indies explorer
Back to back trips for the month of July 2015 Yeeew!!
had a great time onboard the boat
I will definitely be back for more good times
Love the lefts in The ments!
The crew was amazing , so friendly ans helpful => good value!!
Thanks heaps guys for the great time
lets do it again
cheers Berto

Berto Cutback

To the Indies Crew
Thanks for taking care of us and taking us to some great locations.
I had an absolute ball , great group of people to be around.
the crew did great job of making us all feel comfortable at sea
really can’t express how much of a good time I had and I will be back for more

Kurt gets barreled

The indies Crew
Thanks for all the hard work and effort you all put in to make our trip as memorable as possible. You all went above and beyond to make sure we had the best time as possible … ever!! … Even when the waves weren’t at their best
I had a great time on board and would surely love to return

The mighty Indies Explorer

To the indies crew
Thanks for the hell times and all the hard work and huge efforts put in by everyone to make our trip epic!!
Huey may have been a bit of a jerk and let us down on a couple of days … but none the less it was an awesome holiday
Cheers legends


Hiiiiiii!! had a great time

Nice waves

To all the Indies crew
thanks for a great time
the effort from the crew was unreal
I didn’t even have to lift a finger
the Indies explorer is a very comfortable boat with a homely feel about it
Great price for such a professional team!!
Thanks again boys

Greeny cruising