South Coast mega Mixers
June 23rd- July 4th

In late June while the social media world were all watching clips of the “Kandui swell” there were actually pumping waves elsewhere … in fact all over the Mentawai islands the surf was going off!!

On board the indies Explorer were a crew of rippers from the south coast of NSW

Who scored epic waves at Telescopes and then scored all time Scarecrows in the days following

check out this video shot and edited by Caleb Howard Photography

and read the boys testimonial below

South Coast mega Mixers
June 23rd- July 4th
To the entire Indies Explorer team
Im sure you would be hard pressed to recall a trip with a more loose bunch of lunatics. memories went down that we and the crew will recall forever( or for some of us … maybe not recall … but we have pics and videos to prove it!)
Wazza and Tuck you put us on the spot for  some unforgettable tubes and we THANK YOU .
The words “swell of the season”  were thrown around … wich suited us a just fine!
What happens at sea stays at sea!
So no need to go into details
Though heres a few words to trigger the memory bank
Mega Mix …(thanks to Padang Pharmacy)
Buuurrrrrpppp!! … burp , Burrp burp! Buuurrrppppp
Telescopes… spears, machetes = outa there X2
Brazos, Saggy, Mask,dress,…F**Kers!!
Shot Guns
GT Alley
Midnight tinny missions
Capatain Jett … to Nowhere
Sunset beers on top deck ever dayy!
The boys