June 10th – 21st

What is safety without danger?
what are highs without lows?
What are sick waves without average ones?
you have given us it all!!
Always put us exactly where we dream of being
Chase our dreams people! They are there waiting!
Trip of a lifetime!
love the pirate ship!
Wouldn’t change a thing


Well what can I say?
One word… Intense!
Off yer Chops!
Eat yer Chops!
Roast lamb rocks … even for the veggo … and don’t get me started on the fish!
OOOOOh my! I could die and go to heaven!
Thank you for the delicious food and thank you for the multiple adrenalin rushes in the waves!
I loved the challenge
It was great to surf uncrowded waves amongst the beauty of the Mentawais
you guys are mad though … glad I didn’t drown and Dan didn’t crush his head!
Loved the dancing and the crew rockin it all the way!
you guys have the groove!!
Thanks everyone Wazza, Dan, Jarrod and crew
it was wild!
until next time
Francesca xxxxxx


Seriously Sublime! loved every minute!
L. Long


Amazing experience!
Everything was a first for me!
I had a fantastic time and can’t believe we had such a wonderful group of people to share it with
what a beautiful place
Kirsty xoxoxox


EXACTLY what we needed!
Wave / break selection was spot on! every time – No easy feat!
The staff were faultless and ther was nothing more we could have asked of them.
Wazza you were like a brother to all of us in that you were always looking out for us in the background
Some absolutely classic experiences we will be talking about for a long time to come!
Fee and Robyn xxxxx