There are so many awesome perfect waves in the islands off Sumatra sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of them.
There are those that seem to break all the time and are super consistent but others will turn on perfection only when the conditions are right.

Big wave Line Up at Lances Left

 There’s nothing worse than paddling out at a new break and someone from another boat says
” you should have been here yesterday”
Although a lot of the time people will say that just to throw you off the scent!
That’s why you should only ever  travel on a surf charter boat that has experienced crew and guides .
The Indies Explorer has been cruising the islands off Sumatra for well over a decade now and our surf guides and crew are some of the most experienced in the area.
That is why we can confidently say that no matter what the conditions we will get you to the best available waves on the day.
Rifles is one of those breaks in The Mentawai islands that can be fickle and hard to get on when its really pumping but if your luck enough and catch it good the rewards can be phenomenal
Check out this old clip of perfect Rifles in the Playgrounds area of the Mentawai islands. Its not the best quality video but you can see just how perfect Rifles can get
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