We have today received an important notice (copy attached) from The West Sumatran Charter Boat Association (AKSSB), that will apply to our guests for 2015.

The notice is self explanatory and applies to every guest that boards any charter boat that operates a surfing business in the Mentawai from 1 January 2015. The imposition of an extra “Surf charge ” Rp 500,000- (approx $50-AUD) per person per trip will be required to be paid by each of our guests prior to departure of their relative surf charter in 2015 and beyond.

“Indies Explorer” is a well respected and long term surf charter operator in Mentawai and a
member of AKSSB. We believe the Government of Mentawai is focussed on human resource development of the Mentawai people and to maintain the conservation of nature and the environment as well as to maintain the COMFORT AND SECURITY of  tourists surfing.

Management of Indies Explorer requires that this “Surf charge” from each of our guests is paid upfront with final payments. Receipts for all payments and evidence of payment to the AKSSB will be provided at this time.

You can download and read the letter from The West Sumatran Charter Boat Association (AKSSB by clicking here

You can download a copy of this post by clicking here

Thank you for your support and we look forward to you coming aboard the “Indies Explorer” for the trip of a lifetime.

Yours Sincerely

Warren Hanly (Wazza)
& Daniel Tuck (Tuck)

Guests having fun jumping from the top deck of Indies Explorer