The Stinging Ringlets

Wazza, Tuck and crew
thanks for the best adventure of my life. Cant wait to do it again next year
Hey tuck, Wazza and crew
I yearn to come back and monitor your shake diet
I hope Tuck grows his hair long again
Green whistles. green tubes
thanks for a sick time

Charging Chicks in Paradise!!

These girls from the Norh coast of NSW and a couple of them from Victoria absolutely charged the waves of the Mentawais
Surfed all day and partied just as hard at night !
check out the photos from Macaronis, BIG Scarecrows and plenty of other breaks in the Mentawais and read what they have to say about their Indies Explorer experience
“EXACTLY what we needed!
Wave / break selection was spot on! every time – No easy feat!
The staff were faultless and there was nothing more we could have asked of them.”

The boys from the south coast NSW take Telescopes apart

In June while the social media world were all watching clips of the “Kandui swell” there were actually pumping waves elsewhere … in fact all over the Mentawai islands the surf was going off!!

On board the indies Explorer were a crew of rippers from the south coast of NSW
Im sure you would be hard pressed to recall a trip with a more loose bunch of lunatics. memories went down that we and the crew will recall forever( or for some of us … maybe not recall … but we have pics and videos to prove it!)
Wazza and Tuck you put us on the spot for some unforgettable tubes and we THANK YOU